A two-way vest made with a bodice motif. Bodice is a waist-length women's garment that appeared in Western Europe in the 15th century. Many of them were strapped so that they could be worn snugly on the body, but this one can be worn without tightening the body. It is an item similar to the corset, but it seems that the corset was divided into underwear and the bodice as the outer garment. It can be worn with the buttons at the front or in the back. Ties around the waist. Made from the same angora and wool blend as the coat. Pair with with any oversized dress or a lovely blouse to add some visual interest and shape. Also to add some warmth. 

A Note About Last Flower

The Last Flower of the Afternoon is our newest brand from Japan. Their clothes feel like what I have wanted my entire life. Made to order in one size out of the most lovely fabrics. Their style veers over into the sacred. Simple and austere.

Just as there are many various emotions, facial expressions, thoughts, and personalities within an individual, they are not bound by a single concept (or taste, etc.) and express their thoughts (joy, sadness, etc.) at that time without being fixed. Tell a story in your clothes. 

The most magical of clothing in all the lands. All made to order. Beautiful Japanese fabrics with the finest details. I am so very proud to be carrying Last Flower Of The Afternoon. It is perfection.

linen cloth + one size

Various emotions, facial expressions, thoughts, or personalities are
not bound by one concept (or taste, etc.) as there are many in the individual, and the thoughts of the moment (joy, sadness, etc.) 

Then, “Story in clothes."

Based in Sapporo.


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