Ichi Antiquitiés

Ichi Antiquités Herringbone Linen Striped Bag

$153.00 USD

A really great big linen bag in a mattress ticking type stripe. I really love large linen bags. For picnics, or the beach or shopping. You can throw them in the washer and Bob's your uncle, they are like new again!

100% Linen 


About Ichi

Ichi and Ichi Antiquités is a brand founded in Fukuoka, Japan.  Made from all natural fabrics, Ichi creates timeless silhouettes designed and created with care to be worn for years to come. 

All Ichi and Ichi Antiquités are a generous one size designed to be layered and worn with ease and comfort. Almost all of Ichi clothing has pockets! Which we feel is mandatory. Where will you put all your little tiny treasures if you don't have pockets?

"As the world becomes more and more convenient, it is time to be born a new product or brand after another.  A world where things are full, that's why we want to value things...some things from the old days, and we produce things that we can continue to wear." 

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