The most beautiful coat I have ever tried on. Angora and wool blended to be as soft and light as a kitten. No collar. Three lovely buttons and button ties at the sleeves.

With a loose A-line shape that wraps around the body and a well-balanced lantern sleeve design, this coat has a relaxed feeling and a soft and feminine atmosphere. By tightening the cuff tabs, a random tuck is created and a new silhouette is shown. 

This coat would look great with a Siri bag.

A Note About Last Flower

The Last Flower of the Afternoon is our newest brand from Japan. Their clothes feel like what I have wanted my entire life. Made to order in one size out of the most lovely fabrics. Their style veers over into the sacred. Simple and austere.

Just as there are many various emotions, facial expressions, thoughts, and personalities within an individual, they are not bound by a single concept (or taste, etc.) and express their thoughts (joy, sadness, etc.) at that time without being fixed. Tell a story in your clothes. 


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