LESSE Refining Cleaners

$55.00 USD

I am a huge fan of LESSE. I think you will, too. Simplify your skin care ritual with these beautiful organic products. 

LESSE is a new way of thinking about organic skin care.
A transformative ritual to elevate skin in myriad ways.

Converging high performance botanicals and
sustainable practices — for an effective but gentle solution for skin and planet.

Micro-Exfoliating Botanicals & Charcoal

  • Detoxify
  • Decongest
  • Smooth

Introducing a new way to cleanse and exfoliate. A physical grain of micro-exfoliating apricot gently refines skin texture and improves circulation. Detoxifying charcoal reduces impurities and the formation of blemishes, fatigued skin is refreshed. A multi-correctional essential to provide the perfect amount of soft exfoliation daily.

Sustainably packaged, non-binary and cruelty-free.

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