A sweet little pair of shoes made from 100% veg tan leather with a nice rubber crepe sole. The heel can be worn up as a more traditional shoe, or folded under your heel and worn as a slide. They hug your foot in soft, breathable leather and feel like a dream. I wasn't going to take a pair home....buuuuut...

*Babush is a slipper-like shoe that many travelers fall in love with in Morocco.
The fringe gives an elegant look. It is suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

About Raku

RAKU means comfortable and joy in Japanese.
We think shoes are a kind of tool to enrich one's life.
We try to make robust and walkable shoes that excite the heart.
Our shoes are made with high quality vegetable tanned leather and natural material.
Production of each shoe is done with great respect to its material and the earth.
It makes us happy if RAKU's creations become part of your comfortable life and bring a little bit of joy.



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