Runaway Bicycle

Runaway Bicycle Vere Dress

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A dress in a minimalistic style with just a square-neck to add a little drama. Crafted from the most luxurious silk with smooth mashru silk lining the bodice. It's like a little present just for you. 

Pure Mashru silk handwoven in Gujarat. Inseam pockets. Oversize styling.

Model is 5 Feet 7”and is wearing a Small size

"Runaway Bicycle’s work today, essentially rests in linking the skills of traditional weavers and dyers spread all across India with those of the craftsmen working out of the studio. The collective skills they bring is an accumulation of knowledge passed down through many generations. Eventually resulting in garments and pieces of home décor, that defy trends and seasons, and will be handed down to future generations.

As a design philosophy, Runaway Bicycle believes the most comfortable clothes are worn by children and people employed in physical labour. The likes of peasants, painters, road workers, mechanics and very often the clothes our parents wore. This awareness bears out in a stubborn penchant for the lightness of the fabrics employed and a design aesthetic that values comfort over form."