Saipua Rose Geranium Face and Body Oil

$48.00 USD

The label alone is beautiful enough to make this a worthy gift for a loved one - you are included in that list. Especially nice on slightly damp skin when you first get out of the bath or shower. This oil will pamper your skin and surround you in a the soft healing scent of rose geranium. A lovely addition to your self care routine.

Four simple ingredients: olive oil, argan oil, rose hip oil and rose geranium essential oil.

Rose geranium oil has many beneficial properties including but not limited to the following - it is an antioxidant which can help reduce the signs of aging. Antioxidants are well-established as natural agents for improving your skin’s ability to heal itself from environmental toxins and exposure.

Rose geranium is also an anti-inflammatory which can help reduce swelling.

Rose geranium oil has strong antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. 

The scent of rose from the rose flower enhances relaxation, offers pain relief, and soothes anxiety. 

Sounds pretty lovely, doesn't it?

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