Animal Husbandry As Meditation

No matter how tired I am at the end of the day, I always enjoy checking in on and feeding all our creatures. If it's too late, I'll start out a little grumpy but as soon as I pet the first one, my mood lifts. The act of caring for another being soothes my soul and gets me out of my own head. It helps remind me of the grace and beauty in the world and helps me feel re-connected with nature. It gets me back into a place of compassion. People often ask how I have time to care for so many creatures? The simple answer is, in actuality, they take care of me. 
Today was a special adventure. I cleaned out the goat barn and of course, everyone had to get in on the action. Which honestly just made the entire ordeal twice as long and hot in the 91 degree weather. But come on, look at those faces! I only got mad once. And now we have a lovely fresh goat barn to lock them up in at night so no one gets eaten by coyotes or mountain lions.