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We want you to love and use your bag for as long as possible. That is why we use the highest quality leather and offer our repair and maintenance programs.


We get it. Sometimes things happen. Sometimes your dog loves your bag a little too much. Sometimes you carry waaaaaaaay too much and a strap comes loose. Sometimes you love your bag until its stitches are literally thread bare. If any of these things - or any myriad of other issues - happen, send your bag in for a repair. We will take care of it, give it the love it needs and a good cleaning and conditioning as well. We charge by the hour and will give you quote as soon as we see the damage. 


You can send or bring your Pennyroyal carryall into the studio once a year for a good cleaning and conditioning. It really makes the world of difference and will keep the leather "healthier" longer. We use a cleaner and conditioner set that will not darken the leather. If the corners need some extra love, we will use our saddle butter. Either way, your leather bag will thank you. The service is free, so please do take advantage of it. You will be responsible for any shipping fees.