In an ongoing effort to encourage our ethos of sustainable consumption, we are proud and excited to offer our new VESTIGE CULT program.

We are solid in our beliefs that a well made, well worn item is of more value than any fast fashion alternative. We believe a gorgeous hand bag that shows the signs of love and use is of more value than when it was newly purchased. The patina and softness that comes with time can not be replicated. It can not be faked. It is, therefore, inherently valuable.

VESTIGE CULT is our way of encouraging us all to view pre-loved items as we would treasured heirlooms, and our way of ensuring our bags are in continued use by someone, somewhere. 



Bring in or mail your loved Pennyroyal bags to...
Pennyroyal Design
122 American Alley
Petaluma CA 94952
  • Bring in any pre-loved Pennyroyal bag (up to two per visit) into the shop. We want the bags you have loved and treasured. A bag you think someone else has coveted and would love.
  • Receive a 30% code for any new Pennyroyal Bag. This discount does not expire.
  • We can not accept damaged bags that can not be repaired and cleaned by the Pennyroyal team in a timely manner. This will be determined by Pennyroyal staff.
  • Once bags have been handed over they cannot be returned to the owner, so please only bring the ones you really, truly no longer want.
  • If mailing in, you will be responsible for shipping to the shop and return shipping if your bag is not accepted. Pre-qualification phone calls and emails are highly recommended.
  • Pre-loved bags will be refreshed and offered for resale. These may be at a discounted price, however, some bags may cost more than the original due to excellent patina and condition. Patina takes time & time is our most valuable commodity. 
  • Pennyroyal VESTIGE CULT bags will be offered in store and online. 
  • All sales of Pennyroyal VESTIGE CULT bags are final sale.
  • Discounts can not be combined.