Pennyroyal is a company born out of the desire to create your favorite carryall. We offer a range of classic silhouettes and believe simplicity is elegance. We let the materials and clean lines speak for themselves. Our design is informed by styles that will suite you throughout the decades, free of trends, and seasons. 

The goods we produce and carry renounce a throwaway society and encourage a culture of heritage. Each piece is intended to be an heirloom. Almost all of the goods we carry are made in North America. This not only ensures high quality, but it reduces our carbon footprint. The items we do carry from overseas are carefully collected and honestly, things we could not live without.


All of our leather goods are created using the highest quality vegetable tanned leather from American tanneries. The majority is made in Curwensville, Pennsylvania at a tannery that has been hiring local workers and keeping the local economy alive since 1867. We think this is important. It keeps our carbon footprint low and keeps our economy moving. And just as importantly, they produce durable, exquisite eco-friendly leathers that will truly stand the test of time. 

Your carryall will endure the wear of everyday use and will become more beautiful with the years. Due to the careful tanning process and the natural tannins, vegetable tanned leather develops a rich and beautiful patina, and actually gets better with time and use. We have a sample bag in our shop that I carried for about 3 years. It started out the lovely fresh pink color, and has developed a rich dark patina that everyone is drawn to.