Our climate victory garden.

This fall the family and I are planting our Climate Victory Garden. Two of the men in the family built three really big raised veggie bins. We are preparing the soil in the rest of the garden by laying down a nice thick layer of compost and then covering that with some lovely warm mulch. Victory Gardens began during WWI. 

Charles Lathrop Pack organized the National War Garden Commission to encourage Americans to contribute to the war effort by planting, fertilizing, harvesting and storing their own fruits and vegetables so that more food could be exported to our allies. Today, our gardens have a different goal. To help reverse climate change. And given the fires that have ravaged our state, I'm ready to jump in and roll my sleeves up like a modern day Rosie the Riveter. Regenerative gardens can help reverse climate change by restoring soil health and increasing the carbon draw down. And the wonderful part is we don't need to wait for large ranches or grand scale land owners or the government to do it for us. We can do it in whatever scale we have available. From planter bins and containers to small scale farms. You can improve the soil even further by adding grazing animals. And I can always use more critters on the property. Shhhh...maybe don't tell the husband.


Here is a link to a great website packed with all the information you need to get started, if you wish. I'm feeling really inspired by it. I hope it helps you feel a little less helpless. We can do this. We are strong. And yes, the weird color in the photo below was the ominous and eerie glow from the fires raging across our county, state and county. 

Be safe. Be well. Be kind. xo