JB Blunk House

I have been pouring over photos of the JB Blunk house in Inverness. (The bathroom sink is my favorite.) It reminds me a lot of my Grandma's house in San Anselmo. We would fly over from Australia every other summer and stay with her. I loved that house. There were 7 huge redwood trees that the original owner had planted - one for each member of his family. Sadly, there was a little underground creek that weakened the root systems and during a winter storm, one of them fell and took out the house. My sister and I still have dreams about that home. We dream either that we can't get back to it, or that we have a chance to buy it again. We always wake up a little sad. Looking at these photos, I can still remember the smell of Grandma's home. And the warmth from the sun in the front entryway. I can't wait to go visit the JB Blunk house. I wonder if Grandma and JB Blunk knew each other? Or if they ran in the same circles? Or if they were just around in the same part of the world at the same time and that is what influenced their aesthetic. I hope you enjoy the photos. I hope that you, too, can find a little inspiration. xoxo