Saturday September 9th is Clothing Swap Day at Pennyroyal.

Clothing will be accepted starting September 1st.


The goods we produce and carry renounce a throwaway society and encourage a culture of heritage. Each piece is intended to be a hardworking heirloom. We want you to be able to live and work with everything we offer. They are designed and chosen to get better and better with use, and the passage of time. We also understand sometimes you want something new. Our hope is that our Clothing Swap will allow the garments we carry at least one more round of life. You will also be moving along unwanted items, saving money and standing for sustainability. The clothes we wear have the power to create change.


  • Bring your pre-loved garments purchased from Pennyroyal (up to 5 per event) into the shop. Garments must be in good condition and free from damage. They must also be clean, ironed and hung on a hanger. 
  • Receive a card in exchange for each of your garments. The card will reflect the original value of your garment and the condition. This will be determined by the Pennyroyal team.
  • There are three tiers: up to $150, $151-$250 and over $250.
  • On our Exchange day, browse items brought by other Pennyroyal fans and choose a new-to-you garment or garments from the same tier. 
  • Any garments that remain after a period of 6 months will be donated to a charity of our choice. This will not impact your ability to use your exchange cards for another garment.


  • You can exchange up to 5 pre-worn garments purchased at Pennyroyal that have been well cared for. The items must be free of any damage - no holes, rips, or stains - clean and ironed and hung on a hanger. All items will be assessed by the Pennyroyal team. The Pennyroyal team has the right to refuse any garments without argument.


  • Jewelry, footwear, bags, homeware, damaged or unclean items.


  • We will initially try this program once every other month for three months for a total of 3 clothing exchange days.
  • There are three tiers of cards, which reflect the original value of the garment: up to $150 (low tier), $151 - $250 (mid tier) and over $250 (high tier).
  • A high tier item can be exchanged for a high, mid or low tier item. A mid tier item can be exchanged for another mid tier or low tier item. A low tier item must be exchanged for another low tier item.
  • All garments are to be handed to a member of the Pennyroyal team to be assessed on arrival. No garments will be accepted the day of the exchange.
  • Once garments have been handed over they cannot be returned. 
  • We can not guarantee you will find something you like the day of the exchange, however your card will be valid for the entire 6 month period. After this time, your card will be invalid and if we choose to do the program again, we will start with fresh cards. 
  • There will be no holds during the program.
  • Pennyroyal can choose to end this initiative at any point and will not be held accountable for any cards that remain un-exchanged. 
  • Pennyroyal has the right to donate or process garments that remain un-swapped after a period of 6 months. 

This is an experiment that we are excited about and as issues arise the program will be changed and improved upon to accommodate our needs as it grows.  While the intention is for everyone to find something new to love, we are aware that this may not happen.  Our hope is that you will leave knowing that a clothing item you’ve cherished will find a new wearer.  And we appreciate you being part of our experiment.