Saturday January 20th noon - 5pm
We are thrilled to once again welcome Wendy of The Sacred Order to our space. 
Wendy will will be bringing her permanent jewelry and her debut collection of
Talisman Chains & charms.
Vintage + New. 
Lovingly melded together to create a beautiful and wearable keeper of memories. With their easy on/off clasps, you can add any charm that speaks to you in the moment. As Wendy says, "Start with one charm then keep adding as your life unfolds." I am excited to see which charms speak to me at this stage of my life.
Wendy's permanent jewelry offerings includes solid 14k gold chains, sterling silver chains, and some specialty chains incorporating vintage chains and charms. The price for these vary from $100 - $1,000. She will also be bringing an assortment of charms and chain connectors to further customize your look.
As with almost everything in life, getting a permanent piece of jewelry is more fun shared with a friend, partner, 
or your whole damn crew.
Mimosas and sweet & savory treats served all day.