Thelma + Coin Pouch Card Holder = LOVE

Just for Mother's Day - the perfect bundle of gifts. Order the bundle and get 20% off.

Normally $530 for the two, get the bundle for $424. Sweeeeeeeet deal. xo

Our beloved original Large Thelma and our Coin Pouch Card Holder are meant to be! 

The Large Thelma is the perfect travel bag for your next adventure. Its adjustable hands-free design and spacious size make it perfect for any excursion. Pack your essentials safe and secure with the Large Thelma.

9” zipper - 10.5” wide x 8” high with a 2.5” gusset

A sweet and simple zippered pouch with a card holder on the back. I use mine in my Bum Bag to keep my cards and cash and coins safe and sound.

5" zipper - 6" x 4.25"



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