Soph + Long Wallet = LOVE

Just for Mother's Day - the perfect bundle of gifts. Order the bundle and get 20% off.

Normally $669 for the two, get the bundle for $535. Sweeeeeeeet deal. xo

Our new and so fabulous Soph and our Long Wallet are meant to be! 

A smaller, cuter version of one of our original designs, the Bucket Bag. Scaled down for both cuteness and function. Still comes with a nice zippered pocket that you all love.

9" wide x 6" deep x 10" tall with a 10" strap fall.

Our Long Wallet fits perfectly inside. Six card slots on one side, a zippered pouch for change and receipts and a long pocket that fits a larger cell phone. 

Approximately 8.5" long by 4.5" wide.



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