This dress is made from a lovely light cotton and linen brocade fabric. 

One size. Oversizes sleeves. Delicate covered buttons. Natural cream color. 

I have been waiting for this dress to come in for so long and it is better than I thought it would be. I couldn't resist taking one of these home. 

The most magical of clothing in all the lands. All made to order. Beautiful Japanese fabrics with the finest details. I am so very proud to be carrying Last Flower Of The Afternoon. It is perfection.

Inspired the traditional folk costumes of Japan.  Works dynamically with the body creating a three dimensional cocoon shape.

Various emotions, facial expressions, thoughts, or personalities are
not bound by one concept (or taste, etc.) as there are many in the individual, and the thoughts of the moment (joy, sadness, etc.) 

Then, “Story in clothes."

Based in Sapporo.

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