Gift Guide

How did it happen so fast? Here we are in the middle of the holiday season again.
We have rounded up a little selection of goods we carry that would make thoughtful gifts. Everything we create and curate is heirloom quality and chosen for it's high quality and timeless design. This ensures your gift will be loved for years to come and the receiver will remember you every time it is reached for.
Some goods are only available in the store, but if you send us a message, we will help you and get it shipped in time. Wishing you all a sweet season filled with love and light. xo
gift guide
1. Hiroko Ceramics - in store only 2. Pennyroyal Canvas Violet Bag 3. Pennyroyal Long Wallet

gift guide1. Pennyroyal Long Wallet in Black 2. Veva Tea Bowl & Biscuit Plate Set 3. Guinevere Made Stone Incense Holder 4. Incausa Bath & Meditation Bundles 5. Na Nin Candles - in store only 6. Pennyroyal Shearling Pouch 7. Pennyroyal Leather & Brass Keychain


gift guide1. Wool Gauze Tartan Stole - online soon 2. Pennyroyal Two-Tone Tote  3. Pennyroyal Leather & Brass Keychain

gift guide1. Pennyroyal Beanie with PomPom 2. Pennyroyal Beanie 3. Pennyroyal Alpaca Shawl 

gift guide

1. Chunky Wool Red Cardigan with kilt pin - in store only  2. Rain or Shine Umbrella 3. Pennyroyal Lunch Pail in Whiskey 4. Pennyroyal Adjustable Add-On Strap 

gift guide

1. Sigil Perfume 2. Pennyroyal Leather & Brass Keychain 3. Incausa Palo Santo Monk Oil 4. Woolen Gauze Scarf in deep charcoal gray - online soon 5. Pennyroyal Leather Pouch